Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What i am working on right now

A part of this blog, will be answering the weekly question, "What are you working on now?".Im partially doing this as a way of documenting my process throughout the year and also as a means for letting folks get a insiders view of what im doing.
 Ive spent the last week and a half at the drawing table working on a whole new wave of characters, maidens, mutants and narratives. Im at about 10 plus new works right now, but am planning on plotting at least 20 new pieces.  A large part of these pieces im developing for the Blue Spiral solo show, in January 2010, the rest is for shows later in the year. Ive been really fascinated with Cherokee mythology, Asheville history and architecture,fairy tales, astral travel,  Ancient Occult iconography,shamanism, birds,monkeys and giraffes of all shapes and sizes,mutated animism, totemic shapeshifters and of course beautiful women with blue hair. Ive been feeling really strong about the new ideas, but im planning on staying at this phase for at least another 2-3 weeks, to make sure everything is super tight before i move on to the next stage, in the studio. This is an exciting part of the process for me, i hardly leave the kitchen, but at times it feels like a long road trip.
For the last five years i have been like a manic factory, pumping out anywhere between 100-150 works of art a year. Not to mention all of the travel and energy i put out toward the 75 plus shows ive been a part of. This year is the beginning of something different. Im doing alot less shows and taking much more time with my pieces.  I think when everything is said and done, by January, my art will be a much stronger animal, because of this decision.
Im contemplating posting some photos of a few of the new drafts once im ready to get back to the studio.
If your itching for seeing new work from me, dont worry, ill have a brand new totemic shapeshifter finished in a few weeks, for SOFA, Santa Fe.


  1. I can relate to the 3 weeks in the kitchen phase feeling like a long road trip. Late at night I'm painting and it's way past midnight, and I'm like, OK one more cup of coffee and I'll finish this before I go to bed... which feels like --OK I'll get to the next town and then I'll get a motel.

    Glad your blogging. I put the LINK on my blog.

  2. Gabriel:
    I had the pleasure of meeting your folks today at Brimfield, and seeing your work in person! A real treat on both counts. One of your Mom's effigy totem type dolls came back to CT with must have put me under a spell when I wasn't looking!
    The weather was glorious and the booth looked fantastic! Best of luck to you all.