Thursday, May 28, 2009

Much thanks to everyone at WNC magazine for all of the great work they did organizing and promoting the On The Verge show! Tonight is the closing reception at the arts council gallery downtown. Unfortunately i wont be able to make it, but im sure it will be plenty of fun.
I have to keep the entry short, as a mayan rhino totem is waiting for me in the kitchen. This was an awesome week. Not only am i a year older, but we sold another major work this week, "Dawn The Golden Mare", my tribute to Horus. In addition, i received news that i will be booking my first museum commission. ill announce more details on this once the final paperwork has been signed.
Im still working really hard at the drawing table and should have a brand new totemic shapeshifter finished within a few days. This new piece will be a part of the body im sending for SOFA WEST in Santa Fe in a few weeks.  

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